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Had a few queries about wooden and antique furniture being exported to France or Spain by UK residents with homes abroad. Can you offer any help or advice?

If personal goods being taken by the owner, no export paperwork required, but would need to check customs limits, (See page 44 – Movements of personal goods)

If being done commercially then customs declaration, etc will be required, the regulations are the same whether it is new, second hand or antique.

They may also need export licences – “Certain cultural goods that reach or exceed specific age and monetary value thresholds require an individual licence for export out of the UK – whether on a permanent or temporary basis. (dependent on age, value)” Export licensing | Arts Council England

If personal moves as part of moving main home, then likely minimal controls in France and Spain. If gong to second home or holiday homes, then VAT and duty may be liable.

Again would need to check French customs regulations and Spanish customs regulations (similar rules will no doubt apply to other countries in the EU)

If unprocessed wooden furniture, e.g, garden benches made out of branches with bark, etc, then may also need a Phytosanitary certificate.