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Do wooden pallets require a phytosanitary certificate, as packaging for goods that contain wood do? I have read that if the pallets are ISPMI5 Compliant they don’t need a certificate, is this correct?

Yes solid wooden pallets will require phytosanitary certificate, unless they have the ISPM15 mark as below.
ISPM15 stamp sample

The ISPM15 Mark means that the wood has been through Phytosanitary measures, so it would not need doing again.

However if the packaging/pallet does not carry the correct stamp or has been modified or repaired, then it will need a phytosanitary certificate or be re-stamped at an authorised supplier.

Solid wood packaging must meet the ISPM15 international standards if you use it to import goods into Great Britain.

If you use wood packaging to export goods, check if the country you’re trading with accepts ISPM15 standards and if they have any other requirements. The EU uses ISPM15 as its standard.
Nb. To ship from NI to EU or to the UK it is not required to be ISPM15 compliant, but it is from UK to NI. (Opens in new tab)