When do you need to display a GB sticker?

Drivers do not need a GB sticker if their number plate includes the GB identifier on its own or with the Union flag.

Vehicles registered in Great Britain or Northern Ireland do not need to display a GB sticker to drive in Ireland.

Drivers must display a GB sticker clearly on the rear of vehicles and trailers if their number plate has any of the following:

a Euro symbol a national flag of England, Scotland or Wales numbers and letters only
no flag or identifier

When driving in Spain, Cyprus or Malta, drivers must display a GB sticker no matter what is on their number plate.


However from 28 September 2021, vehicles registered in the UK must display the letters ‘UK’ when driven abroad (excluding Ireland). All the rules remain the same it is just that “GB” is replaced by “UK”.

Is it true that hauliers with dangerous goods need to have COVID tests before they enter Kent? Why are they unable to get tests in Kent and refused access there?

Yes, you must take a coronavirus test before you enter Kent if you’re carrying:

polymerising substances
infectious substances
radioactive substances
goods that are of high consequence for terrorism

This is because these types of loads are not allowed at the sites in Kent. You’ll be refused access if you’re carrying them.

Check with your transport manager or consignor if you’re not sure if your goods fall into any of these categories.


Hauliers need blind spot stickers for France, what is this about?

France has made it mandatory for Blind Spot Stickers on all vehicles plated over 3.5 tonne. It is called an ‘Angle Mort Sticker’

The fine is currently 135 euro’s if not complied with.


For sticker positioning: https://lebureaudecom.fr/securiteroutiere/images/cp70/SR_Infographie_ANGLES_MORTS_v4.jpg

There is a waiver for 12 months in that these exact design of “Angle Mort” stickers are not required, but only if a different version of the stickers is fitted.

Most petrol stations near the border apparently sell them, can also be bought online.

Will I need a green card for driving in the EU, the EEA and Switzerland?

UK drivers do not need to carry a Green Card when traveling to the following countries.

      • the EU (including Ireland)
      • Andorra
      • Bosnia and Herzegovina
      • Iceland
      • Liechtenstein
      • Norway
      • Serbia
      • Switzerland

However drivers will still need to carry proof of insurance, such as policy documents, and if travelling throught the EU to other third countries, then green cards may still be required.

Check for further updates at Vehicle insurance: https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-insurance/driving-abroad