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Britain steps up haulage preparations for busiest trade route post-Brexit

Updated: 22 Oct 2020

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LONDON (Reuters) – Britain said on Thursday (22 October) it would bring in legislation to try to minimise major delays and disruption at one of its busiest trade routes when it fully leaves the European Union.

In September, the government said there could be queues of 7,000 trucks in southeast England waiting to travel to Europe if businesses failed to get the right paperwork in place.

The government said it would now bring forward legislation to enforce Operation Brock, its strategy for managing traffic flow heading to and from the port of Dover in Kent, and providing holding parking spaces for thousands of trucks if needed.

Under the rules, heavy goods vehicles will need to obtain a digital Kent Access Permit before they enter the county or face a fine of 300 pounds, to enable the smooth flow of traffic onwards to the Channel Tunnel and Dover from where trucks travel into France and the European Union.

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